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We are a leader in silicone ice ball bartender tools on Amazon. Commercial design lasts longer and is tougher due to the thickness making this model endure for many years. Makes 2 1/2 inch spheres 3 at a time. Each sphere lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes each at a 70 degree room temperature. Read On Below To See What My Customers Are Saying!


Russell And Kim

Owners Of Ice Sphere Tech ®

wedding day 2009
We are going to stop making these when they sell out on Amazon due to low commercial sales. It is time to move on but this site will stay up for 1 year to access the free books. We thank our customers and the reviews they gave us so enjoy the product for years to come.
Ice Sphere Tech ® REVIEW
Ice Sphere Tech ® has a high rating only because of customer service. We had only 2 problems over a year and a half. First was a fake product review by the name of Kate who changed their name to Mark Hudson? We tried talking with them 5 times and we got silence each time? Not a verified buyer nor are they real as a reviewer. 2nd problem was ice cracks sometimes or splits in half. This is solved by adjusting freezer settings or simply fill the ice sphere molding with water and place in freezer with a clean cloth over the top. This will insulate the water from freezing at a fast rate slowing it down reducing cracks to nothing. Overall our product rating is 4.7 out of 5. Our customer service rating is 5 stars due to our caring nature where we just love our customers. See the screen shot below or just click on it to see it live of Amazon.

Additionally we help anyone who asks us for recipes for professional drinks.

We have 3 books free for our customers to use at home for huge fun when wanting to make special drinks for parties.

Simply read them for yourself at the link here,

or Here,

Special Features
    • Compact Design Fit's Anywhere In Freezer.
    • Fill Line Component - Erases the Guess work!
    • Dishwasher and Oven Safe Up To 446 Degrees.
    • No Oder Causing Fillers With Our Certified Tested Silicone.
    • Over 9/16 Inch Thick Making This Brand Commercial Grade.
    • 10 Year Guarantee.
    • FDA Clean Food Grade Silicone.
    • Makes 3 Ice Spheres All At Once Measuring 2-1/2 Inches in Diameter, About The Size Of A Racket Ball.

Time Evaluated For 6 Months with Creator Manufacturer to Make Sure It's The Finest quality for Toughness. Our company Went Through 3 Various Designings To Get The Highest Quality Commercial Ice Sphere Maker. 10 Year Guarantee Money Back Plus Shipping Fees if Any.

Match up This Design To Any Other Rivals And See Why Commercial Buyers Prefer Ice Sphere Tech ®. Well-known Hotels Love These, Fancy Bar Room Restaurants Want These and Everyday Home Owners Like Them.
Each Ice Round Lasts Over and above An Hour or so At A Room Temp Of 70 ° F(21.1 ° C ), That Means Slow Melting Ice.

Space Saver Over The Other 2 Inch 4 3/4 inch by 4 3/4 Square Design Manufacturers. Ice Sphere Tech Is only 2 1/2 inches And Slides Into Smaller sized Freezer Spots Unlike The Competition.
Non Cling Silicone (Helps prevent Ice From Adhering to The Mold) That Will Release The Ice Ball Every Time With Minimal Hassle. Add to Cart Now and Begin Having More Fun.

Pros and Cons
  • Makes 3 at a Time.
  • Free Books For Any Professionals To Use.
  • Proven Customer Service.
  • Guaranteed 10 Years.
  • Ice Balls May Be Too Big For Some Drinking Glasses.
  • Using The Books Requires Buying From The Liquor Store More.
  • Our Customer Service is Higher Than Amazon.
  • Not A Lifetime Guarantee But It Has A 10 Year Warrantee.
Overall Rating
Product Review

Ice Sphere Tech ® knows what it takes to make his customers happy by making sure he is easily accessible by phone, email, Google hangout, Facebook, in person, Video chat or on Amazon. Answering customer questions and concerns is a top priority. "I love to talk to my customers by phone if possible as this breaks down barriers the fastest" says Russ Card (president) of Ice Sphere Tech ® . "Talking with a nice lady from South Carolina asked me where she could purchase a special funnel to fill her ice mold with and we gave her some free".  It's the little things that make a company Great in customer service.

Reaching out to one person who brought to my attention his ice was getting cracks in them. So I got on the phone and we ended up coming up with a solution to his freezer settings. His freezer was on the coldest setting making all of his ice cubes and our spheres crack. He couldn't adjust his freezer so we ended up placing a clean kitchen cloth over the filled silicone molding. The cloth ended up insulating the sphere maker just enough to end his ice cracks problem forever. He was so happy and I ended up sending him another sphere maker free just for bringing this to my attention.

Ice Sphere Tech ® loves his customers and with every purchase you get me with it to talk to. I am the inventor and manufacturer since  June 30, 2013. Amazon is where I sell this for now but will be moving it to my own site when ready to get it off Amazon. They are nice to start a product with but have many issues with Trademark infringement. Other sellers can take all your hard earned work and tap into it for free by listing your product for sale illegally. I have had a few problems that are resolved but still have 1 counterfeit product for sale on Amazon. It is a copy but not from me it is made to look like mine with one difference in thickness. Beware of this on Amazon and stay away from sellers who are not Trademarked with their Government. In the US this is fairly easy to do and just costs about $500 more or less.

To verify all these reviews just go to my product page, Click Here start reading my verified customer reviews first. Then see About Seller page, About Seller this page has customers who were happy and had to leave me something in writing to show off how much they love my product. I have a few repeat customers in their as well. All this is hard work but worth it to see things like this about me and my product.



5 Star Customer Service

5 stars
Below under videos is the most recent reviews at the time of making this page.

5.0 out of 5 stars Using a 2 1/2 Inch Ice Ball Maker is pretty fun to be honest, November 8, 2014 ... Being used to the traditional cubes that come out the ice maker gets a little boring. The spheres, besides melting at a much slower pace, add a bit of a "fashion" twist, if you will, to your drink. Making these awesome ice balls is very easy. You use the mold and fill each sphere with water through the small hole at the top. Once all filled, place the mold into the freezer for a few hours. Before you know it you have solid ice spheres ready for use. You can even make frozen ice sphere popcycles if you really want to get creative. Since the mold is silicone it is super easy to clean so making anything other than ice is a breeze as well. During my process of using the ice mold I experienced no leaking of water, just pure ease of making these neat balls of ice. It works really well and honestly is just fun!
A. Drewes About Me I love sharing product reviews/giveaways, coupons, freebies, and deals. I also love making jewelry. I'm a busy mom and wife and love every minute of it! New Orleans, LA USA #2,342 Reviewer ranking 77% helpful votes received on reviews (815 of 1,053)
4.0 out of 5 stars Great addition to any bar !, November 6, 2014 ... The Ice Sphere Tech ice ball mold is the perfect addition to your bar.What better way to enjoy hours of cool drinks without clearing your freezer from ice cubes or going on an "ice run"? I love to use the ice molds to make ice for my guests when I have a get together. It allows for a longer lasting cold drink and it's also a conversation starter for people who haven't seen this type of ice form.I have not tried freezing other things like herbs into my molds,but I shall consider it...just to see how that works.
T. Wehner About Me Writer/Blogger, and Product Reviewer.I write for various companies and always give the most honest opinions/reviews I can.I have a wonderful family that I am very grateful for ,and I love shopping and saving money at the same time! Blogger in USA Reviewer ranking: #203,785 78% helpful votes received on reviews (25 of 32) htp://
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Balls of ICE!!!, September 12, 2014...I bought these for my husband as a birthday gift, he absolutely loved them. He has made several batches already.
MonaysmomMonaysmom Reviewer ranking: #685,361 100% helpful votes received on reviews (5 of 5)
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, August 26, 2014...great product
Randall Robinson 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, August 26, 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars Ice Ball Molds are Great, June 30, 2014...These molds are great and are great fun in your drinks. The biggest issue is keep up with demand after your friends and family start using them. The fill pretty easy, sometimes some small amounts of water spills, but if you let them drip off before you put them in the freezer, no big deal. I am in AZ and they work great here, no more running around to put more ice in drink, 2 of these keep and XXL cocktail cold until you are done. You could also use them as a dog treat. My black lab loves ice to chew on. It is good for them, no calories and easy on their teeth and the large size, he loves it. They take some time to eat and he chases them around while they are still in one piece, a ball if you will. They last much longer than a regular cube and he really has fun with them. I recommend these to everyone.
Gary Strachan Reviewer ranking: #11,402,408
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic all around!!!, June 16, 2014...Great seller, excellent communication, speedy shipping, and what a great product! I love the ice sphere molds, I literally use them everyday. They are great. Keeps my drink cold without watering it down. HIGHLY recommended!!!
Caren SilveiraPomona, CA United States Reviewer ranking: #6,664,110 56% helpful votes received on reviews (5 of 9)
5.0 out of 5 stars Nonstick Ice Mold, June 5, 2014...I've had an assortment of ice ball molds. This is the first one that is a row of three. Most are just single molds. They fit in my freezer door shelf, so it's a convenient size. I like the little fill line. With that, I never overfill or under fill. I get perfect ice balls every time. Not all ice ball makers come with a fill line. Sometimes, we just have to guess, and I'm often wrong. The ice comes out easily, which I can't say about all molds. I don't have to melt them down with water. They just come out. Five stars. This product was provided for review by Ice Sphere Tech.
Noname TOP 50 REVIEWER VINE VOICE #18 Reviewer ranking 95% helpful votes received on reviews (15,475 of 16,260)
5.0 out of 5 stars Useful for much more than ice!, May 22, 2014...When I was offered a review sample I jumped at the chance - not because I wanted to make ice cubes, but that perfect meatball. These trays will actually bake at up to 425 degrees F and I wanted to experiment with different meatballs, getting away from the traditional breadcrumb filler to bulgur, and chopped herbs like parsley. I was able to make three prototypes at a time, and the fill hole on top is perfect for allowing the fat in the meat to bubble out the top. I could have turned the molds over on a rack and really made the meatballs low fat, but the flavor jut wasn't there. At any rate, four or five of these three ball molds are perfect for folks who want to make big, succulent meatballs. Cook them partially, then put them in the sauce to simmer and marry with the other flavors. I also experimented with cheese balls using cream cheese, and a few other antipasti and tapas style delights, and the mold works perfectly for those too. Of course this does make perfectly round, gigantic ice balls and does so effortlessly. Unless it's a very hot day that is boring. Experiment with these and remember that they pop right in the oven. Let your imagination run wild because the possibilities are almost endless.
Mike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"Deltona, FL USA HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER COMMUNITY FORUM 04 #11 Reviewer ranking 95% helpful votes received on reviews (18,994 of 19,918)

In these review videos above I was asked to give my product away to let them do a personal evaluation of my product at home. They came from my Facebook page here, . In the video by Dennis he has a flask funnel he used to fill the mold up with. I had these a while back and was giving them away at the time to my customers. It got too expensive and had to discontinue that. If you need one just send me an email and pay for your shipping costs, about ($2.50) US mail. I will still give it away if you pay your shipping.

If your freezer is causing my spheres to develop cracks in the ice a simple solution is easy to fix it. Just place a clean kitchen cloth over the whole silicone molding in your freezer.

Not every freezer will make these develop cracks but some will. You can control this with a slight decrease in your freezer settings. If you already have cracks in your cubes for example then you will have to use the kitchen cloth. All ice gets cracks in it and you can't blame the product or the owner. 1 customer bought this up to me and we helped each other to fix this. Michael Braithwaite my customer helped me fix this and he got a 2nd one free for helping me fix this with the funnel too.

The above written reviews are of their own personal view independent from me. As you can see some of them are high up in Amazon Vine program or Amazon COMMUNITY FORUM 04 Top Reviewers. 

Product owners are contacted by these people asking for us to give them a free sample for their honest opinion. The others are verified customers except 1 bad apple whose name is Kate Or Mark Hudson? Not Verified, Not A real Ice Sphere Tech ® Owner, Never received my product and they may be my competition in silicone products. Honestly I know it's another business owner who hates my product since I find no evidence of he or him in my business reports.

Please be aware of fake reviews and note this, " Amazon don't care about their sellers in this matter?


If you want a funnel contact me below to work out shipping cost for you it's about $2.50 . Ask for Russ or Kim,


Contact Info,

Ice Sphere Tech ®
Russell Card (President)
Po Box 534
North Uxbridge, MA 01538
Business Phone 1-774-481-1165
Home Phone 1-508-234-1714

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